What is Our Heritage TV (OHTV)?

Our Heritage TV is an online & mobile channel that celebrates the achievements of people from the Black & Asian communities

Is there a guide in how to use this site?

Yes - click here for our Digital Toolkit

What content is on Our Heritage TV?

Lots of videos, images, documents and text that gives you details about achievement, success and triumph often against great odds and challenges.

Who is behind it?

Our Heritage TV has been developed by the charity BMETVFM and i2i Media with the support and funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund

How can I get involved?

Easy – either just enjoy the channel or ideally upload new entries to the Timeline or the Hero’s section. And if you have a Black History event you want to advertise any time of the year, you can upload details too.

Can anybody watch it?

Yes online and via your mobile.

Can I watch it at any time?

Yes. 24/7

Does it cost anything to watch?

No. This is a free service for the community.

Can I upload content?

Yes, it is very easy to do, just click on ‘Upload’ and follow the instructions