UK Black & Asian Hall of Fame - 1900 to 2018

British society changed greatly during the 20th century. There were also two terrible world wars punctuated by a severe recession in the early 1930s. Life was also greatly improved by new inventions.

In the 1950s & 1960 large numbers of West Indians & West Africans arrived in Britain as did many Asians with many more coming after 1972. Now Britain has become a multi-cultural society.

At every level from Art to World War, from Culture to Sport, from Education to Enterprise and from Campaigning to Politics, Black & Asian people have made a significant impact across the UK.

The Our Heritage "UK Black & Asian Hall of Fame" captures 2,000 people and some organisations who represent this significant impact that has been and/or is being made to the UK Black & Asian story between 1900 and 2018. Whilst it is the largest and most comprehensive Hall of Fame ever compiled in the UK, like each entry, it is representative but not exhaustive. You will not find complete biographies, Filmographies or Discographies where relevant. Please also visit leading Book Stores for biographies and autobiographies or watch films and programmes where relevant. Please note the latest entries are what you see on the first page. Entries are NOT by any ranking of importance.

To find out more about the people and organisations who make up the Hall of Fame simply position your mouse over the image of your choice. To search for someone or an organisation put their first and/or last name in the Search box. You can also use the Drop Box Menu to search the Hall of Fame by Categories.


OHTV would like to acknowledge the research assistance of Wikipedia and its team of Volunteers for their invaluable help in compiling the majority of the biographies in the Hall of Fame. Where information is sourced from elsewhere that is acknowledged in the respective biography