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Your heritage is History and it's an exciting rich and diverse history that we want to share with millions of people worldwide. Here at OHTV, our goal is to provide you the best tools for exploring 20th and 21st century Black and Asian history in the UK - whether you are an experienced researcher or a beginner who wants to see what modern Black and Asian UK heritage is all about.

Watch TV, our free 24 hour channel will keep you entertained and informed. It’s not only completely free, but also free of ads and spyware. It is also one of the best Black and Asian heritage channels you'll find. It has original programmes as well as content produced by the community. Sport, Politics, Music, Art, Film its all there on OHTV.

Share Our Heritage. Bring your experience of heritage to life by sharing your photos, documents, videos and oral recordings about people, places and events that have shaped your life. Tell us about your Mother who may have been one of the first generation Mothers who came to the UK from the West Indies or Africa in the 1950’s or 1960’s. Or your Father who may have been one of the Ugandan Asians expelled by Idi Amin in the 1970’s and who managed to rebuild family life in the UK.

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On OHTV, we will celebrate Black and Asian people of note in the fields of art, civic service, civil rights, education, enterprise, entertainment, media, politics, science and sport since 1900 to the present day. Some will be known globally others more local but all have made a significant contribution and hence we highlight 2,000 people including Organisations and Media here on OHTV.

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Our unique search engine will help you discover them. It lets you run an aggregate search for them plus the spelling variations or their names.

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Our community is made of Black and Asian history fans just like you. You can explore our community and find other members who share the same interests as you, or browse through publically available documents.

OHTV was created by the community, for the community. Our goal is to create a unique service that will enable individuals, friends, families and others to discover and enjoy black and Asian history, to meet online, communicate, share, explore and preserve our heritage.

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